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Make camping a doddle with our new Vango inflatable tents. It only takes a few minutes to inflate and no more poles. We now have 5, 6 and 8 man tents available and all come with an inflation pump.

Quality HiGear, Vango and Outwell 4, 5, 6 and 8 man tents to hire

Contented Camping aims to help first-timers to camping and who are unsure whether the outdoor life is for them, or maybe are planning a one-off camping trip or even a camping party in the garden and don’t want to invest £100s in all the camping gear. Maybe you simply don’t want to store a tent at home for a once-a-year outing or are a seasoned camper and would like to try a different brand tent before you buy it, then we have something for all of you.

Why Hire a Tent?

The recognised barriers for entering into this holiday type are initial cost of buying all the camping gear, especially when travelling with children and wanting to be as comfortable and well-equipped as possible, but also, the hassle of storing the tent year-round. As with any new purchase, a lot of researching on the internet is required to get the right camping package for your own travelling group, but the chance to try it out relatively cheaply, before taking the plunge, has got to make good sense.

Contented Camping has scoured the camping market and selected a range of tents to hire that combine comfort with easy pitching and are ideal for those starting out in camping

You can hire a large tent suitable for families and large groups to try out camping before you commit to buy.  These are also ideal for childrens’ camping sleepover parties (a popular reason to hire a tent) using tents from the top camping brands, Outwell, Vango and HiGear, which retail at up to £560.  Not only is it good for your pocket, but camping tent hire is better for the environment too.

Help for those New to Camping

Where to camp?, what to take? – we offer advice for novice campers on choosing a campsite in the UK and what to pack for your camping trip. 

Its not just for Camping

There are plenty of great reasons to hire a tent, what about the school holidays? having a lot of kids over in one bedroom for a sleepover, then put them in the garden. Its also a great way to entertain the younger ones on a daily basis.

Camping is not for you right now?

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