Camping Tent Hire

Choose the right tent to rent

The most crucial piece of equipment for your camping trip will be your tent.  It needs to be large enough for your family or group - and not just in terms of sleeping areas, but consider where you are going to put all your clothes, toys, food and other items essential for your camping holiday.  Perhaps hire a bigger tent than you think you need.  Remember you may want room to sit and have a meal under canvas should the weather choose not to be so kind...

If it's for a camping party in the garden, you could use in without the sleeping compartments for the activities, then put up the bedrooms when it's time to get them off to sleep.

Even our Kalahari 8 (sleeps 8) only takes 40 minutes to pitch, so it’s not going to spoil the start of your camping break.
We feature Hi Gear, Vango and Outwell tents for hire - all leading tent manufacturers.  We have selected a range of tents which are easy to pitch, yet offer comfort and quality. 
Tents to hire available are divided into categories according to the number they accommodate to sleep:-

4-5 man tents

5 man tent hire

6 man tents

6 man tent hire

7-8 man tents 

8 man tent hire

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