Some tenting tips...

Practice pitching your tent before you go away so that you will not be struggling at the start of your camping holiday. Check all tent components to ensure they are present and correct. At the very least, read through the tent pitching instructions (download from the tent hire pages) before you set off.

We do not recommend that you cook within any synthetic fabric tents but if this is necessary then please take the following precautions – do not place camp cooking equipment close to the tent sides and ensure that there is good continuous ventilation.

Do not allow children to play with or near lighted appliances.

Condensation can occur in any synthetic fabric tent so try to keep ventilation open for as much time as possible to help try and alleviate this.

Do not set-up the tent completely taut, otherwise it will not be able to adapt to varying wind and weather.

Use a camping mallet to secure the pegs.

Remove dirt from the tent with a soft sponge and clean pure water, and sweep out the tent before returning it.

The flysheet is made of water-repellent material. To prevent water from seeping through the flysheet, avoid touching the inside surface in rainy weather.

Insecticides must not be sprayed in or on the tent.

When taking down and packing the tent, it must be completely dry to avoid rotting.

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